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Past Life Regression

The existence of past life has always been a very controversial topic. It depends on one’s beliefs, experiences and religion. As a scientist, I don’t believe in anything unless there is a massive amount of solid evidence to support such a theory. Throughout readings, practices and my own experiences, I am convinced there are past lives and as humans, we do reincarnate.


As mentioned in the Hypnotherapy section, the subconscious mind is a tank stores all the feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and memories and that includes the ones from our past lives too. Every one of us had multiple past lives before. In each life, we loved, we learnt, we were hurt, we experienced… just like current life, after we experienced certain things, especially after we were hurt, certain belief or mechanism will be formed for self-protection. However, most of the times, if that was not healed at the time, we will bring the belief or the self-protection mechanism into current life which is most likely no longer serve us due to change in circumstances. But they still play an important role in the background, very subtly influence our current life. 


Past life regression uses hypnotherapy to access your subconscious mind to bring you to the significant lifetime when the traumatic event was experienced and the harmful/unuseful beliefs were formed. You will then be able to heal from it with our program and with my assistance under a completely safe enviornment.

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