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When Science Meet Spirituality

Traditionally, spirituality is commonly referred to religions. People who are spiritual are considered 'out there' because they are 'non-sciencey'. Thankfully this stereotyping has been changing over the past decades due to advanced technologies, scientific research and the progressing collective conscious awareness. As it is said 'at the end of science there is spirituality'. Science is just an easier way to explain spirituality. When a mystery is explained by science, it becomes a technology. So here in Eve Can Heal, modern healing methods such as hypnotherapy and counselling are used together with spiritual practices ( Akashic Record reading, Reiki, Energy healing etc.) to help you to heal, transform and thrive; to help you to find and become the best version of yourself; to guide you through some seemly tough moments; to lead you to get in touch with your soul.


The subconscious mind stores feelings, thoughts, believes, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness. Most of which are unpleasant. These are commonly the root cause of our everyday behaviours...  

Past Life Regression

The existence of past life has always been a very controversial topic. It depends on one’s beliefs, experiences and religion. As a scientist, I don’t believe in anything unless there is a massive amount of solid evidence to support such a theory...


Soul Pattern & Belief Reading

Soul Pattern and Belief Reading is an energy reading technique developed by Ann Roids.

Soul Pattern and Belief Reading is a reading of the akashic records that enables us to read the energy that is driving the pattern of negativity, resulting in negative choices and subsequent consequences in our current life...

Soul Realignment

Soul realignment is an intuitive healing modality developed by Andrrea Hess. 

In soul realignment reading, we are able to unlock our soul-level potentials and karmic patterns via our Akashic Records. Even we keep incarnating, but our soul is always unique. From the moment...

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