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Soul Realignment

What is Soul realignment?

Soul realignment is an intuitive healing modality developed by Andrrea Hess.


In soul realignment reading, we are able to unlock our soul-level potentials and karmic patterns via our Akashic Records. Even we keep incarnating, but our soul is always unique. From the moment the soul was born, its Divine Soul Blueprint was established. 


By accessing the Akashic Record, we will be able to identify:

  • who you are at soul-level?

  • what are your spiritual gifts? 

  • what might be stopping yourself from fully using those gits to create more of what you want?

From there we will be able to realign our Divine Soul Blueprint through wise choices and better manifest our human experience. Remember, the result of these aligned choices is always abundance - health, vitality, money, fulfilment and even time!

Permission and Consent

When you book in a Soul realignment session, I will be asking you to fill in a consent form for you to give me permission to access your very own Akashic Record. 

  • Soul realignment is NOT suitable for a newborn younger than 12 weeks old.

  • It is perfect for a pregnant mom-to-be.

  • It is a perfect gift for young children and also helps parents for better guidance. 

  • For any financial dependant (regardless of age), permission needs to be granted from the caretaker. 

  • For adults who have any kind of disability, mental health issues, or dementia, permission needs to be granted from the person who is legally or financially responsible.

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