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Mother and Daughter

Family Relationship

Who doesn't have a family wound? Our families are the most important aspect of our lives. Family shapes who we are, gives us love but also could hurt us and leave wounds. These wounds are then embedded in our subconscious, subtly impacting us until now. Luckily hypnotherapy is a great tool to heal these wounds from the subconscious level. So you can be the real you again, you can be free from family wounds.

Pre & Post Pregnancy Depression

As a mother, I understand the smiles and the tears of motherhood. No mother or mother-to-be should be surrounded by sadness. But unfortunately, pre & postnatal depression has become a huge problem. Mothers are naturally nurturing and should be nurtured as well. Don't worry, you are not alone. Let's explore what is the best healing method for you, so you can be that brave, loving and caring woman again.

Pregnant Woman
Two Coworkers Chatting

Workplace Relationship

One-third of our life is spent at work. For most of us, work is a very important part of our lives. It gives us a platform to contribute to society and it pays the bill. That is why having a great workplace relationship is beneficial. Unfortunately, just as every other relationships, not everyone is good at managing workplace relationship. Amazingly, I found that when you are working on your own growth, your workplace relationship is working out as well. Do you believe you can be the successful person doing something meaningful as you imagined every day?

Personal Growth

The goal of Eve Can Heal is not temperately help you to relieve those awful feelings. That is no different to drinking alcohol. I believe healing is just the beginning of the journey. At the end of healing, there is awareness and transformation. I wish to help you to see how amazing you can be, to overcome your personal limitations, to become the best version of yourself - the authentic you.

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