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Current Life Regression

Same as Past Life Regression. Current life regression uses hypnotherapy to access your subconscious mind to bring you to the early stage of your life when a traumatic event was experienced and the harmful/unuseful beliefs were formed. 


One thing I would like to mention -- throughout the works done by psychologists around the world, we noticed that almost no one had a perfect childhood. Childhood trauma can impact our adult life hugely and yet because it is quietly sitting in our subconscious mind, it is very hard to discover through normal counselling type of therapy. 


In addition, lots of people misunderstand the term ‘traumatic event’. We thought it has to be something major, dramatic and can be found in the newspaper headline. No, it is wrong. When we were babies, we were probably in our most powerless and miserable stage. Even small things like being ignored for a short period of time could be traumatic to a toddler.


Childhood is important to our development. If we were hurt as a baby, address and heal it.

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