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Stay positive under COVID

Today, I want to talk about positivities. I know for most of the earth, this is a strange time. You probably don't feel anything in your day to day life. But with hearing all the news and seeing random bitch faced people outside... the anxiety has been crawling onto you quietly. Lots of people are telling me how they can't sleep well, or they just feel sad for no reason. It is normal. You are just simply picking up this overall energy which is actually quite negative at the moment.

So, what do we do to keep ourselves mentally healthy? -- Being positive. Of course, everyone knows the answer. But it is just very hard to do. Today I will give you some ideas and tips. Let me divide it into two parts -- Globally and Personally.


Firstly, let's get something straight. A global pandemic is crazy. We all have seen it from movies, and now it is a real one. Thinking about how many people are died and are dying or struggling from it, making us sad. It also stopped our regular life. We can't go to gym, no cinema, no hugs (which is very difficult for some people because hugging itself is a form of energy transfer and it just simply heals). Apart from all these, the worst part is how it destroyed the global economy. It is just a beginning. The massive impact of it still yet to happen. I can keep going to list a page full of negativities. But, yes, there is always a but for every circumstance. I was thinking about why this pandemic is here? We are not talking about it scientifically and looking for the patient zero. Please look at this from a spiritual level with me. Humans have been fighting with each other for stupid reasons for thousands and thousands of years. War and hate tore us apart. People judge each other by their sink colours, races, genders, religions... But now, the entire human race is facing ONE problem. Isn't it an opportunity for everyone to drop their ego and be consolidated to fight it together?

Secondly, have you seen how good the air quality becomes ever since people started isolation? Yes, it is not a silver lining of climate change. But at the least, it shows us how it is possible to change just in a short time, right?

Thirdly, this is a century of technology. But has our technology been developing as the speed it should? Should AI be more advanced by now? Should the internet be faster and steadier? Should your AR game be more realistic and entertaining? Because of COVID, everyone is working in the distance. It will direct more time, energy, money and attention towards technology research and development. Maybe it is just a kick start of a great technology revolution.


Now, let's look at ourselves. What can we do every day to be mentally equipped?

The good old journal -- write a list of things that you appreciate or make you happy, daily. Remember to keep them small. For example, today a friend of mine told me she thanks me every day because I lent my weights to her so she can keep exercising at home. That also makes me extremely happy! Or, it can simply be I loved how my coffee tastes like today! These things are small, but the impact is enormous. Your subconscious will get the gist.

Start something and finish it -- I'm sure we all have small personal projects we want to do but always too busy to get on it. Such as reading the book that has been laying on your bedside table for a year; a half-built lego millennium falcon; a Spanish class that still stopped at cómo estás... All of them seems just being there and doing nothing harmful. But, in fact, subconsciously knowing that you wanted to do it and not yet started or finished is a huge pressure or psychological burden to you. So today, pick one thing you are interested the most. One thing only. Start doing it, using your usual commute time to do it. Every day do it the same time and finish it the same time, keep the routine. You will be surprised how much you can achieve in a short time. And complete a project will give you a great sense of confidence, fulfilment and accomplishment.

Be proud of your contribution -- not everyone is fighting on the front line. Most of us are not. However, do you realise that we are all in this battle together? The fact you are staying at home is contributing. You are helping to flatten the curve! You can't go to the pub; you can't catch up with friends; you carefully use the toilet paper to not to waste any... all of these are your very own effort. All of us deserve a pat on the shoulder and feeling proud of ourselves.

Routine, routine, routine!!! Something is so important needs to be repeated three times!

The Corona pandemic will be gone eventually. Can you picture yourself on the day when the entire world just moved on, and everything went back to usual? Could you be unhealthily overweighted, depressed, has nothing but emptiness on your face? Or, could you be healthy, lively, cheerful and ready for new challenges? Now is the time to make your own choice.

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